As a parent who loves these movies and TV, I have a firm line on this issue. For the most part, parents shouldn’t complain about movies or non-animated TV. Period. You make the best project you can and I’ll let my kids know about it when it’s time for them. If Star Wars VII wants to kill Han in a way is really jarring… » 4/27/15 4:59pm 34 minutes ago

They've made the comic movies so progressively "grounded" "real" and "gritty" that one studio now prides itself on not attempting to make any jokes. Now, they are updating old comics to make they more grounded and real ... color me skeptical.
» 4/07/15 4:14pm 4/07/15 4:14pm

Most young people without significant assets don't feel the need to pay for investment advice. If they get older and have more, they will have to reconcile just throwing money somewhat blindly at at folks holding themselves out as competent, trustworthy, and willing to serve your goals or trying to find somebody that… » 4/07/15 4:43pm 4/07/15 4:43pm

This nails it. I understand why folks would think the device is dumb, the banning of these devices is 100% driven by insurance. For insurance they are just metal clubs packed by all sorta of odd folks, which impacts the rate. Coachella and other places can spin this as they are too "uncool" for their spot, but this is… » 4/07/15 4:05pm 4/07/15 4:05pm

Don't fall into the Star Wars trap. Don't spend your time trying to explain all of the answers and details about what was good and cool about the show a long time ago. Also, they are doing just six parts. Don't spend 1 and 1/2 world building and back load the finale. Just do very good work, from the best ideas,… » 3/30/15 2:24pm 3/30/15 2:24pm

Comcast is the worst. I would rather by media services from ISIS or people who club baby seals than ever go back to that company. I almost took them to small claims court over a billing issue because it was going to be faster and easier than the 6 month billing error they kept agreeing to fix and then reapplying the… » 3/27/15 11:36am 3/27/15 11:36am

I think folks should brace themselves for the answer to be yes, but: (1) don't expect anyone making the movies to be beholden or even know about them down the road; or (2) if it's not a major point in the non-film and the film maker need to do something that makes sense, we may just pretend it never happened. » 3/26/15 5:31pm 3/26/15 5:31pm

For all the talk of unfairness, if you are a top football or mens basketball player at your college, the soccer, baseball, and volleyball players are talking more of NCAA's share of the tournament TV money than the NCAA executive pay. If you are looking for "fairness", the colleges can still subsidize non-conference… » 3/24/15 11:47am 3/24/15 11:47am

Around 1999, there was an epic TV screw up where a guy in a small white pickup stopped his chase on the freeway, set the inside of his truck on fire with him inside, he got out and took a shotgun out of the bed of the truck and abruptly blew most of his head off. Middle of the afternoon, live LA TV. » 3/13/15 10:08pm 3/13/15 10:08pm

If it gets a theatrical release ... come on now. I get the hedge. But, tt's going to theaters and it's going to make a ton no matter the quality or reviews. The potential issue is they developed Frozen forever, which should have helped the smart script and quality music. They kept making it better and better… » 3/12/15 2:39pm 3/12/15 2:39pm